Term Maintenance

With a regional spend on Term Maintenance exceeding £300 million, even marginal improvements in performance can lead to savings.

Work programmes are varied including:

  • The continued development of the Term Community Board as the main driver in embedding good practice across the MHA. This board will also concentrate on the identification of the efficiencies being generated by the Term Community Group’s work to date, and provide ongoing support and feedback to authorities taking the principles on board.
  • The development of a service level agreement to allow the Best Practice principles to be introduced into Direct Labour Organisations.
  • Support to the procurement process, where member authorities are going to market using the MHA document. In recognition of the sums already invested, this work will also identify a mechanism for applying a levy on authorities using the MHA documents, related to the savings accrued.

For more information contact Stewart Corbett, Chair of the Term Community Board on Stewart.corbett@watermanaspen.co.uk