Professional Services

PSP1 (ended March 2015)

  • £26m throughput of work in 4 years (expected 13m)
  • 14 member authorities using PSP1 (expected 6)
  • £3.5m savings generated (expected £1.4m)

PSP2 (started April 2015)

  • Procurement process complete and awarded to AECOM Waterman on 28 April 2015


Medium Schemes Framework


  • Delivered 60 schemes worth £250m


  • 17 schemes already in preparation/on site worth £50m
  • 40+ schemes on workload pipeline £180m
  • Good practise review – NEC/CDM 2015 training


Term Maintenance

Clients and providers combine to create the Term Community Board which has the following projects:

  • Performance Indices
  • Best Practise review
  • Develop cultural framework
  • Align with HMEP and HTMA


Assets, Standards and Commodities

  • Reduce the number of surfacing specifications used
  • Encourage use of low temperature asphalt
  • BIM
  • Asset management best practise
  • Develop collaboration with MSIG, HTMA, MPA and RSTA


Skills Academy

  • Employment and Skills plans for 59+% of framework projects
  • CITB accreditation as a ‘client based’ academy
  • Learning management system
  • Skills and competency matrix