It is vital that all members contribute to the success of the alliance and this is achieved by having a governance structure that allows each authority to have its say.

Overall governance is by a director level executive board, which meets twice a year and annually reviews and approves the MHA business plan. This lays out what the alliance hopes to work towards, its objectives over the financial year and sets the appropriate budgets. Each authority has a representative on this board.

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The alliance has five objectives:

  • To establish and develop collaborative framework(s) to deliver medium size (highway) schemes
  • To establish, implement and develop a continuous improvement model for highway term contracts to achieve convergence to best practices
  • To establish and develop other collaborations for highway activities, such as the procurement of commodities and professional services, as agreed by the MHA members
  • To embed partnering principles and construction best practice in all its work and throughout the supply chains
  • To promote and publicise the work of the MHA

The programme board meets four times a year and manages the work of the five workstreams, ensuring that the aspirations outlined in the business plan are achieved and the budget is monitored. In addition to each authority, partner organisations also attend – to ensure that best practice can be shared.

The five workstreams have management structures that are continually evolving. They generally involve partners and suppliers as well as staff from member authorities. This is to ensure the ethos of collaboration goes through everything that we do.