Community Board

The Term Working Group has progressed and achieved many excellent results in the last 10 years. And is fully intending to continue in the years ahead.

Our objectives we set in the beginning remain the same today:

  • To save time and money for members through collaborative working and procurement
  • Enable members to achieve best practice and continuous improvement in highway maintenance

With a regional annual spend on Term Maintenance within the Alliance members exceeding £300 million, even marginal improvements in performance can lead to large savings. We are proud to state that to date the savings made by our members through common improvements and support in instigating best practice in current contracts and through procurements exceeds £7 million.

The overarching goal in the group is for transparent and open communication between all the alliance members and their providers to ensure informed delivery from sharing experience and lessons learnt. We all carry out the same operations let’s all learn from others improvements and not make the same mistakes.

Evolution of the Group

The group developed a transformational route map to achieve convergence between all members in best practice and then supported and reported the implementation of these practices. The evolution is pictorially represented below:

A significant and highly successful evolution was to rebrand the group as the Term Community Board and to include the providers representatives alongside their Client.

To find out more about our journeys of best practice convergence, common benchmarking and the efficiency implementations please follow the tabs alongside.

For any further information or to join us in sharing experiences, lessons learnt and common benchmarking please contact Stewart Corbett, Chair of the Term Community Board.